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Tuesday, July 7

A New Little Man

This was taken from my Facebook note this summer when we welcomed Cameron Lorence into our lives.

The name CAMERON has huge significance for us. The Cameron Family has adopted us into their clan and treated us with love and respect and as part of their family for the last 9 years (even longer for Garnet) Grandma Anne and Papa Gary have been a huge part of Tim's life and we know that they will welcome Cameron into their family and treat him with all the love and blessings that they have given the rest of us over the years. Auntie Jenni and Uncle Matt have showered Tim with affection and attention and he adores them both. All the laughs, tears, ups and downs in our lives that we have shared with them have helped us grow and become who we are today!! The Cameron's have truly taught us that the definition of Family lies not in the blood or sharing the last name -- but in the heart. 

The name LORENCE is huge for us as well. My amazing Grandma has a special place in my heart as she always will. Her name being Florence Mae -- (Mae (my middle name as well) was going to be the middle name if this was a girl). Obviously, Florence isn't really an ideal name for a little boy unless we wanted to subject him to years of harrassment.....so we changed it a little and came up with LORENCE - to honour her. She has been a special woman in my life and has touched many lives of people around her -- whether with her apple pies or her kind welcoming heart. We love her. 

This little guy wanted to make a grand entrance into the world and made us all wait for his arrival - but he is finally here!!!!! And we LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!!!!

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