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Tuesday, January 12

Keeping the Spark Alive

I have been organizing my closet today. I tend to have some pack-rat tendencies and my closet reflects that immensely. Mostly because I can find emotional attachment to ANYTHING.

I showed Garnet some old cards and letters that he had written me while we were dating and in the early years of our marriage. They were very sappy and lovey-dovey. Maybe even a little bit on the cheesy side maybe? Maybe. But I loved them - and totally drank in every word of it.

He reads them tonight with a little smirk;

"Aww...how cute..."

"Yes, back when you used to buy me cards and express emotion."  I said.
Maybe a little bitter? Maybe.

"Yes, honey - but that was 10 years ago. Things have changed and we do other things to keep the spark alive now." He put the cards down on the table.
"Oh by the way, the car needs to go in for the brakes soon."

And there is that sexy, romantic man that I married. Still knows how to make a woman's heart flutter.


@FABMOMCLT said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I love you!!! You have to coolest sense of humor. Good stuff. I'll be visiting again!

Jessi said...

Thank you so much!!
I will be visiting your blog as well!

London said...

Amen Sister to your 3 most recent posts! London

Everydaymoms said...

I'm the same way Jess! I keep everything in my basement. I still have letters, cards, etc. that Ken and I use to give each other. I think it's great that you keep them. You'll be able to show the kids, grandkids, etc. in the future. That's why I keep mine anyway. Right now I'm going through the basement trying to clear out a few cabinets for my craft center, AGAIN! LOL...Wish me luck.

Great posts, I love your blog.