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Saturday, January 9

You are my Yin to your Yang

I often joke about the fact that I sleep fully clothed, with a heating blanket and huge duvet - while my husband sleeps beside me in the buff, the sheet draped over slightly and the fan blasting cold air right on him. I joke about this because that scenario describes our entire relationship. You will not find two people more opposite.
I am scatter-brained - he is OCD. I keep everything - he goes on weekly clean sweeps and tries to fill as many garbage bags as he can. I think that as long as it's in a cupboard or closet and can't be seen it doesn't need to be neat - he organizes the kitchen cupboards every time he puts groceries away. I am very emotional and rely on my feelings - he relies on logic and rarely gets his feeling hurt. That's right - feeling. No "s" because we have come to the conclusion that he only has one.

He sleeps like a log. I don't sleep.

I was blessed with a baby who is a very good night sleeper. He went to bed last night at 5:45 - and didn't get up to eat until 5:30 this morning. I was up staring at the ceiling, mind racing until close to midnight. It's frustrating and ironically tiring. Especially when I have a husband who could be in the middle of the conversation with me and be snoring before he finishes the sentence. Some times, I will kick him in his sleep or nudge him a little too violently because I am pissed that he is snoring and my eyes won't even shut.

He doesn't remember.

In fact, sometimes he responds with a gentle caress back and 'love you too, babe'. Yeah, that's exactly how I intended that elbow to the ribs to be interpreted, babe.

Tim is just as deep of a sleeper. They both talk in their sleep and are capable of having an entire conversation while sleeping and have no recollection of it. And I can see Cameron seems to be going down that same path. Can't wait until they are teenagers and now it takes me an hour to wake them up - just like it takes me every morning with Garnet.

I was expressing my frustration over not sleeping to Garnet last night. And he decides to give me some pointers on how I just need to shut my mind off. I need to make it go blank and just rest and close my eyes.

"Really? Seriously? We're going to go there? You -- who can't last 5 seconds after your head hits the pillow -- are going to give me advice on how to deal with a sleeping problem?"

He didn't hear me. He was already snoring.


kelly ens said...

i randomly decided to check your blog today and see that you are writing again, recently. and that you have a new baby! congratulations! I hope you keep writing and post some pictures of your boys! :)

Shevy said...

lol Jess

It is so annoying how easily men can get off to sleep. Gav is exactly the same. I wish he had a little of the OCD though. Can you get Garnet to give him some tips? (without falling asleep in the process of course :P) hehe

Keep up the writing. I am really enjoying reading your blog.

Michelle said...

his feeling. LOL.

kurt and i are weird. there are so many ways that we are exactly the same, but a few things have literally made me say to him "what the hell is WRONG with you!?!?".

it's good to celebrate the differences!

Jessi said...

Kelly! So great to hear from you! I also checked out your blog the other day - you look great! Congrats on fitting back into your wedding dress - very inspiring to me since I'm trying to lose the baby weight (again)...

Thanks Shev - it feels good to be back into blogging again ;)
And believe me it's great to have organized cupboards but you wouldn't want all the other antics that go along with it ;)

Michelle, our whole marriage is celebrating the differences ;) I think we balance eachother out nicely -- neither one of us would survive with someone that had the same qualities. Opposites do attract!

RB said...

I literally laughed out loud at this post. Cause I can see some of these things being similar in my future marriage. Especially the neat freak part. As my husband to be is EXTREMLY neat. :)