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Wednesday, March 3

Lessons in Parenthood

I have written a lot about teaching lessons. I believe that our job as parents is to teach our children how to be adults. This is not to say that we don't allow them to be children - but rather we make a point in teaching them WHY we make the decisions and the rules. And teach them how those rules apply in the real world.

I don't believe in the "I told you so" way of parenting - although sometimes it's nice just to yell that out when you're having a bad day and can't be bothered to explain any more details. The energy it takes to parent sometimes makes you feel like you've just run a marathon....and then some. Especially when they get to be Tim's age and they realize that Mom and Dad are not God. You know, that age where they feel the need to rationalize, justify and ARGUE WITH EVERYTHING!?

Yesterday morning was one of those days.

"Mom, I've been thinking." Great. See, I also encourage Tim to speak his opinion and tell me his side of the story - even though we may not agree. It was that tone of voice.
"Ok...." I replied very cautiously
"I checked the weather this morning, and it is going to be +2. So I would like to wear my shoes."
"Tim, I think we just had this conversation - last week." (Conversation in which I explained in detail why I made the decision for him to wait before he wore shoes.)
"Yes. But  it's warmer now."
"Yes. But there is still snow on the ground. Snow, that melts and becomes WATER. Shoes are not made for water. Maybe in a few days the snow will be melted enough and you can wear them."
"Yes. But..."
"Yes. But NO."
"You always ruin my life!!" Ok, drama queen.

He made a grumpy Hmmmph noise and went to the door to get ready for the bus. Where he STARTED THE ARGUMENT AGAIN!
"Well, Ryley and Raad and Carter all wear shoes. And Zach wears his INDOOR shoes!"
He breathed in to say something else, but caught a glimpse of my face and decided against it.
I almost started laughing when he made such a show of being pissed off and putting his boots on with a pout. And couldn't believe that he started it again. And I might have flipped a little. Might have.

"Well, then you can leave and have Carter's Mommy since she's so wonderful and lets HER kid wear shoes!!"
"Fine I will!"

He came home from school with a guilty look on his face. We had a family meeting about how it's not really nice to tell your mom that you want another mom. And he sheepishly told me about how he had puddles INSIDE his boots now and maybe he thinks that I was right. Maybe. We went and got him some rubber boots last night and he was happy about that. It seemed that we were all content with the decision.

Until this morning;
"Well, I just don't want to look like a goof with rubber boots. So can I bring them and wear my shoes?"

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London said...

Brilliant Jessi! You make me feel so "normal"!?!