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Sunday, November 12

We're all decorated and Christmas Happy!!

Lights on the tree....

So pretty!

My crazy kid --- getting a normal picture prooved to be impossible when he's in the Christmas spirit!! Posted by Picasa


vicki said...

Hey Superman!!! looking good! and nice tree!!!
xoGramma Vicki

Jenni said...

Again Timothy, you look just like papa Gary when you cross your eyes like that.

Jessica, can we let the American's have thanksgiving first before the tree's go up.. Man you are right on the ball. we were specifical told at work that we can't set up any thing Christmas until the first of december. Can you imagine 16 little 2 year olds for 2 months being excited about christmas and Santa..

OH MY GOD.. Anyways, your tree looks beautiful as always.

Can't wait till we can see eachother agian..


Jessi said...

Hey -- I'm doing better! It used to be up Novemeber 1st.....I just love Christmas time :)
We got to decorate outside for the first time ever too!! You should come and see it!

Anonymous said...

hey, my decor is up too jess, has been for a week now. we were the first ones on the street to put up our lights. don't you just love this time of the year? it's so short lived, you have to enjoy it for as long as you can.

Michelle said...

wowsers, you are on the ball! haven't even thought about pulling our christmas stuff out yet! but i have started addressing envelopes for our cards.. they seem to take forever to get done!