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Sunday, April 29


It's pretty bad when my bestest friend in the whole world emails me and asks if she's doing something wrong because she can't seem to see a new blog entry!!! Em, sweetie -- I'm being extremely blog lazy lately......sorry :(

There is a lot to update on and I just haven't felt like sitting down and sorting through it all. Tim has been sick since our first visit to North Bay, we went to North Bay again the weekend after - had a great visit with my Grandma and Em and her boys, a birthday party for little Dakota, then Tim was sick again (I think he just really hasn't gotten over it yet). Now Garnet is off to Orillia for a week and Hillary moves out today :(....I'm sure that a whole week with just Tim and I here will definitely allow for some time for a proper update. I'm looking forward to the empty house -- but I'm sure I'll be missing Garnet and some adult conversation.

Better update to come.....


Trotsky said...

'Garnet' and adult conversation?
....am I missing something?

Trotsky said...

BTW... I hope Tim is feeling better...our little guys down with what sounds like something very similar.

Jer said...

Taking blog sabbaticals doesn't take away your "good blogger" status. No worries. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I want you to know I'm here for you if you require some not so adult conversation.

Jessi said...

he's sick again, trotsky? wow, you guys need a bubble. i'm starting to think about getting one for tim!

thanks buster i know i can always count on you, princess.

Trotsky said...

Princess... :o)